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Female Pain

Pain unique to female anatomy... in the abdomen, lower belly, pelvis, bladder, vagina. Maybe it even spreads to the lower back, buttocks, and thighs.

It can range from dull and achy, to a sharp stabbing, or even like a burning, raging fire.

Maybe it comes and goes; maybe it's always there.

Quite often it's debilitating.

When it strikes, do you just want to stay tucked up in bed or a hot bath-tub? Are the water bottle and heated blanket your closest companions?

Sometimes the pain is so intense you call in sick to work. Maybe you've even ended up in the E.R. because let's be honest - it can be scary! But maybe you often just power through the pain because you have other people relying on you!

You find yourself swallowing over the counter pain medications like they're candy.

You feel obligated to help your family, kids, co-workers before you are willing to even sit down or rest.

Do you feel embarrassed to talk about your pain? After all... who wants to tell their boss or teacher about their pain down there?

If the pain is chronic, reoccurring, or completely debilitating, it can leave you feeling depressed, exhausted, over-whelmed, or like no one else understands.

Have you felt like you've had a difficult time getting other people and healthcare practitioners to believe or understand you?

Have you been mis-diagnosed or given several diagnosis?

Have you felt shamed or sad after visiting your doctor about your pain?

It's not all in your head. Female pain has been misunderstood and under-diagnosed for a very long time.

It can range from pain that is related to the menstrual cycle like cramps or endometriosis - to infections of the urinary tract and interstitial cystitis. It can also be pelvic pain postpartum (after giving birth) or maybe you just don't know what's caused it.

Female pain CAN be treated and resolved. Want to know if you're a good candidate for our services? Give us a call at 509-795-2024 or schedule your initial appointment to get started.

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