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Tips for Breast Health - Part 2

🏵 D I S C O V E R Y🏵 Breast wellness - Part 2 This is my favorite breast wellness tip because it's the most occult: meaning dark, hidden, & obscure. The clinical discussion would be about breast exams & screenings. It's 100% important to know what to look out for & how to look out for it. Pro move though, is taking it to the next level: what's going on in my breasts daily and how can I feel connected to them? Breast self-massage is that next level! Acknowledge that this may feel odd, foreign, bad, or embarrassing when you first start to do this. It feels good to have your feet or shoulders massaged, right?! Our breasts shouldn't be excluded! An easy place to begin is to massage your breast tissue daily either during, or following a shower/bath. Doesn't have to take more than a minute or two. Breast tissue extends into your armpit & all the way to your collarbone. Using a serum, lotion, or oil will take it to the next dimension! I love rose oil for this purpose since it smells divine. I'm also loving La Femme by @kindredskincarecoand @wildgraceapothecary makes lovely serums that will leave you feeling glowy & dewy. Use your fingertips to gently rub the product in, bringing awareness to changes in structure & sensation from day to day. Massage with the intent of noticing how you feel & what you're feeling, rather than looking for something "wrong" and to spread healing energy into your tissue. Breast massage helps move lymph, which I lovingly call the body's gutter 😉 We have a large number of lymph nodes and glands around the neck, chest, and armpits (why they may feel swollen when you're sick) & the end point of this sewage system is on the left side of your chest. The lymph system is passive; it only moves in response to muscle contraction (why exercise is important) or massage. If you're feeling more daring, use a jade roller - lightly - to massage the breast & decolletage area. Or, after removing your bra, place a tennis ball up against the wall or floor, then run it along your bra line, increasing pressure using your body weight. Stop, hold, & breathe deeply when you reach a tender point. Take your time! 🏵 See Part 3 for more tips! 🏵

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