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Tips for Breast Health - Part 3

A L C H E M Ē * alcôve

Acupuncture & Apothecary

☀️ let in the L I G H T☀️ Sufficient light is vital for healthy cells and reduces the prevalence of many chronic illnesses. Women with Vitamin D levels at 60ng/ml or higher, demonstrated an 80% decreased risk of breast cancer. Appropriate light is key. Try to be outside for either sunset or sunrise; bonus for both! Avoid sunglasses and wear as little clothing as weather permits. Our skin has light receptors that likely outnumber those in our eyes. This method also helps with circadian rhythms and can improve sleep quality and mood. Sunlight exposure minus sunscreen, and with as little clothing as possible, will allow your body optimal vitamin d intake. Consider many breasts have never seen the light of day! 🍒 Using an app like d-minder will help you optimize how and when to get sun exposure, based on where you are and your skin type. Preferably use clothing, hat, or umbrella to cover up *before* burning. Sun exposure behind glass or windows doesn't count, as it blocks beneficial UV rays. If you must use a sunscreen, consult for the least harmful options. Exposure to blue and florescent lights is controversial at best. If you spend significant time in front of a computer, consider blue light blocking glasses, which can also be used around the house at night. Cover as much of your body as possible with clothing if you are under blue or florescent lights daily. Changing bulbs to a red light spectrum, incandescent, or using candles, is preferred whenever possible. If you're unsure of your vitamin d levels, your doctor can run a general blood test, or it can be checked through the mail via @grassrootshealth We evolved with equal parts sunlight and just like plants, we may fail without it! 🌱 #wenatchee#wearewenatchee #eastwenatchee#centralwashington #wenatcheeworld#ellensburg #herbalmedicine#plantmedicine #acupuncture#quincywa #ephrata #breasthealth#womenshealth #pnwfertility#wenatcheeacupuncture #sunforhealth#vitamind #savethetatas🎀

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