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How May I Help You?

Holly Christiansen, Licensed Acupuncturist & Eastern Medicine Practitioner

Holly Christiansen Licensed Acupuncturist & East Asian Medicine Practitioner at A L C H E M Ē * alcôve in Wenatchee, Washington

Despite so many advancements in our modern world, many are still unaware of how their bodies function.


Often we feel dismissed or over-looked by our healthcare practitioners. I know I have!

One of the most important factors in healing is finding someone you connect with.

I am passionate about reproductive health and the innate superpower of the menstrual cycle. My desire is that discussions around all of the phases we will experience in a lifetime will become more normalized and mainstream.

 One of my first mind-blowing experiences with Chinese Medicine was learning just how much information is transmitted by our monthly period! The quality of it, duration, and other accompanying signs and symptoms. I truly want everyone to be able to understand what their body is communicating via symptoms. I am also very passionate about reproductive education and awareness - much is lacking in standard American, "sex ed".

I prefer my patients be empowered and educated to make the right decisions for their bodies, rather than feel lectured, scolded, or forced.


If your goal is to just feel more at home in your body, be pain free, or to have a child, I have the experience to help you -- backed up by a medical system that is thousands of years old, as well as plenty of modern day evidence-based research.

I am here to lead those who are ready to take partnership in their health.


By using individualized and customized treatments, I hope to inspire and support you by combining the best of traditional and holistic wellness techniques with modern medical knowledge. My approach is unique & adaptive to each patient.

I strive to listen, be present, to learn, and to offer you skills you can take with you to apply to your everyday life.

All of this, plus a heaping dash of magic & insight. What's life without some magic?

I hold a Master’s degree of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health Sciences, and have been practicing since 2011. I have held licenses in the states of California, Washington, & Kentucky. I am a board-certified diplomate in Acupuncture by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine). I also attended the Evergreen State College, where I primarily focused on Spanish & Latin American studies - se habla español.

I have worked side by side with Western physicians and staff at San Diego Hospice, San Diego Cancer Center (UCSD Medical Center) & the Geriatric Clinic in downtown San Diego. I annually treated active duty and retired veterans during Stand Down San Diego.


My life experience is as a cis woman. All aspects of fairness, justice, and equity are of deep importance to me as a practitioner and community member. I respect your lifestyle and personal preferences. I consider myself a guest in the indigenous and traditional aspects of Chinese Medicine and regard it with deep reverence.

Physical endeavors and going on adventures have always held the most allure for me. Traveling, backpacking, hiking, rowing, reading, skiing, and strength training are some of my greatest pleasures. 

I am a certified 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor, though I mostly just do yoga for fun these days. Hot summers, and snowy winters are my favorites. Laughter is medicine. I love to run around with my dog pals: Boone & Greta. 





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